Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Why Pakistani players should not be a part of IPL

By now everyone knows that the much-awaited auction for the third edition of Indian Premier League has happened amid a lot of controversy. From the final shortlist of 66 players, none of the 11 Pakistani players were bid for. It has caused a stir in the discussion circles, and a lot of furore has been noticed in Pakistan. But CricketIsMyLifeline will show you a different view - a view that everyone should consider. We will tell you why Pakistani players were not selected.

So starting off, lets begin with what our topic is. There is nothing wrong in being patriotic. Its the Indian Premier League. As the name implies, its supposed to be 'Indian'. Its not like the World Series Cricket in 1970s that had representation from around the world. Its 'Indian Premier League' so give Indians a chance to showcase their talent. And why do we say so? Simply because on the international front, Team India does not get a chance to do so.

Lets be honest and fair. India certainly don't like playing international T20. They failed miserably in the ICC World Twenty20 in England. They have also lost more than 60% of their T20 Internationals in the last two years. But the Indian players always do well in the IPL, make no mistake about it. Yuvraj Singh even has TWO hat-tricks! Then, while Pakistan unleashes a youngster like Mohammed Aamer at ICC World Twenty20, the IPL also produces 'talented' cricketers. Players like Manpreet Gony who rock the tournament with impressive performances, yet fail miserably at the international scene and are soon forgotten. Yusuf Pathan another case in point. (Added 13th March 2010: See, we were so right. Yusuf Pathan just smashed a 37-ball century in his first IPL match this season!)

What good would it have served having Pakistani players in IPL? They are the world champions. They would have again kicked Indian players in the backside. So they did the right thing by keeping Pakistan players aside. Nobody likes getting spanked in their own backyard after all. Even players like Gony and Yusuf Pathan have a heart, even they love attention. So why not let them get some? Had Pakistani players been allowed, we'd have had to see what we saw in the World T20. Kamran Akmal's record four stumpings. Or Shahid Afridi's dominance and arms aloft in celebration after hitting the winning runs. We wouldn't then get the opportunity to see someone like Shikhar Dhawan plundering the opposition for runs.

Bollywood happens to be another reason why Pakistan players were rightfully not picked up. Had Shahid Afridi, Umar Akmal, Umar Gul and Imran Nazir been there, who would have cared about Preity Zinta, Shilpa Shetty, Katrina Kaif and Juhi Chawla? Everyone would have lined up to get an autograph from the world champions! See, such caring people these IPL managers are. They care about the feelings of the poor filmstars who survive on fan following.

Then, Lalit Modi isn't wrong at all in saying there was no pressure on franchises to not select the Pakistani players. Yes Mr. Modi. We believe you. So what if the Indian daily Midday revealed two days before the auction that franchises have been instructed by IPL bosses to stay away from bidding for Pakistan players? We tell you. Its all a conspiracy. Midday is an agent of the ISI. Lalit Modi would never do such a thing. There is nothing wrong in being patriotic. Lalit Modi loves his people. His people love him too. The people show their love for him in a different way though - he has lost his state election twice in less than a year!

Finally, what is T20 cricket all about? Its 'fun' cricket. Younis Khan said the same at ICC World T20. But while Indian players were literally having fun (remember Yuvraj Singh bhangra dancing in the dressing room?), Pakistani players took away all the cake, pastry, biscuits, and everything else which was on offer. Indian players want to have some real fun this time. T20 really is fun cricket. But lets make it fun for everyone. Add Indian pitches. Add 'ordinary' (as Virender Sehwag would say) players. Add cheerleaders. Minus the Pakistan players. There you have it. From Gony to Gambhir. Dhawan to Dhoni - everyone will have fun. That's more like it. Now McDonald's can safely advertise throughout the IPL with their tagline "I'm lovin' it". The Indians will surely keep loving it over the tiresome duration of 57 matches.

By now you should be convinced why it was beneficial not to have Pakistani players in the IPL. If you're not, we are sure that you're planning a conspiracy against us!


  1. Hahahaha...tumhari tight sari hui hai....

  2. HAHAHAHAH!!! THAT IS SOOO GOOOD!! Way to go Hassaan!!

  3. Awesome! Now I'm convinced why Pakistani players were not chosen. Perfect response. Slap in the face of IPL. But then patriotism comes first! :-)

  4. Hehe love the post I feel like linking it to my facebook status and pissing off more Indians? Can I ??

  5. I think this was a very well written blog. I am an Indian, and even I loved the way you have put across your points in the most distinguished fashion. The implied humor and satire was really good. You are a talented writer.