Thursday, January 7, 2010

Forget 3 Idiots when you have THE Idiot!

We have so often heard the famous quote: 'Better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt'. Mohammad Yousuf perhaps needs to be taught this in Urdu since he clearly does not understand the meaning of it currently. Lets have a closer look:

'Ricky Ponting erred by batting first.'
Captains worldwide do play mind games. But one has to be mindful of the fact that it doesn't come and hit you in your face. Too bad Mohammad Yousuf had to jump to conclusion without realizing his own fate. Aptly, Ricky Ponting replied after the match with: 'I wonder what was Yousuf thinking with all those defensive fields'.

'There should be a batting coach. You have a fielding coach, bowling coach, all are there so why not a batting coach?'
Fielding coach. Bowling coach. Now a batting coach! And what wonders does Yousuf expect from the magical creature to turn around the 36-year old Misbah ul Haq, 34-year old Yousuf, and all the others with over six years of international experience? Umar Akmal is the only exception to this 'experienced and aging' line up. And with his current form, he is better off without a batting coach.

'What I can see is that we need batsmen, we really need batsmen with temperament.'
Mr. Captain, you're saying this moments after throwing your wicket away due to impatience? Just by accepting blame for the 'pathetic' stroke does not rid you of responsibility. So you have no right to point fingers at others when you yourself are not leading by example.

'Shahid Afridi is needed in the test team. But one day he says I'll play and the next day he turns away'
One day Mohammad Yousuf claims the current team has the capability of beating any side in the world and another day he says this is one of the weakest teams to tour Australia. And why drag Shahid Afridi needlessly into this?

'T20 will finish Pakistan cricket' followed by 'We need to have separate players for T20 and tests'
Hmm. Separate teams? Yousuf himself, Salman Butt, Imran Farhat, Misbah ul Haq, Faisal Iqbal -- all have not appeared in the recent T20 matches for Pakistan. And the likes of Shoaib Malik, Fawad Alam, Shahid Afridi and Imran Nazir are not a part of the current test line-up. Only Umar Akmal is playing all three forms, and excelling at them too. So the argument for 'separate' teams is diversionary than anything else.

'Kamran is always trying his best. You tell me, how can we afford to give him a rest? He is such a good batsman. He scored well in New Zealand and we need him here. We don't have an option either.'
So there you go. Kamran's glove-work may be a problem. But his batting exploits are SO great that we cannot leave him out. And where exactly are the batting heroics? 67 runs in four innings? Impressive! The problem remains the same - Kamran has always been a 'trier' at 'keeping. He has never learnt anything about it in the last eight years. And you don't have an option? As pointed out by CricketIsMyLifeline in its post, Captain Confused, Sarfaraz Ahmed was dropped on Yousuf's insistence only. For the short New Zealand tour, you had an understudy. For the tough tour, you have none.

'Look at Ricky Ponting. He is getting support from every quarter even when he is not scoring many runs or on the toss decision'
Comparing Ricky Ponting with Kamran Akmal should invite defamation lawsuit from the Australian captain. The Australian captain doesn't prove counterproductive for his side. Kamran, on the other hand, is on Danish Kaneria's hit list right now courtesy of his eight-pack performance.

So now don't flock to the cinemas to watch 3 idiots. Just sit back and relax and switch your TV sets on. For once, even Amir Khan feels threatened!


  1. Goodness me, that beats 3 idiots ANY DAY!

    'For once, even Amir Khan feels threatened'

  2. haha good one!!