Saturday, August 28, 2010

The match-fixing story: More than just meets the eye

So the match fixing saga has returned yet again, after one whole decade of the ugly Hansie Cronje and Co. incident. It has been reported that upto seven Pakistan players are involved in match-fixing with pacers Mohammed Aamer and Mohammed Asif named at the forefront for bowling deliberate no-balls at predetermined times. The whole controversy centers around the arrest of an alleged match-fixer Mazhar Majeed who has reportedly been arrested from the team hotel.

Now we are not trying to deny any of the facts that have been reported in the media - it may ultimately be true - the manner in which all this has transpired raises quite a few questions.

Friday, January 29, 2010

You-su-full of Stubbornness

Now you might be getting bored reading post after post on the beloved captain Mohammad Yousuf. But then, if there's one thing Yousuf has learnt from Shoaib Akhtar it has to be how to remain in the limelight. Unfortunately though, he is also in the news more for all the wrong reasons than right ones. So since Mr. Captain considers himself so worthy of all the attention which he was denied while he was not appointed captain in 2007 or when he went away to ICL, we have decided to give him his due share.

On the eve of the fourth ODI in Perth, Mohammad Yousuf makes some very interesting comments in an interview. For the sake of Yousuf, lets not be too critical and lets try to find out (read: dig deep) the 'positive' aspects of his statements. So here we go:

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Why Pakistani players should not be a part of IPL

By now everyone knows that the much-awaited auction for the third edition of Indian Premier League has happened amid a lot of controversy. From the final shortlist of 66 players, none of the 11 Pakistani players were bid for. It has caused a stir in the discussion circles, and a lot of furore has been noticed in Pakistan. But CricketIsMyLifeline will show you a different view - a view that everyone should consider. We will tell you why Pakistani players were not selected.

So starting off, lets begin with what our topic is. There is nothing wrong in being patriotic. Its the Indian Premier League. As the name implies, its supposed to be 'Indian'. Its not like the World Series Cricket in 1970s that had representation from around the world. Its 'Indian Premier League' so give Indians a chance to showcase their talent. And why do we say so? Simply because on the international front, Team India does not get a chance to do so.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Forget 3 Idiots when you have THE Idiot!

We have so often heard the famous quote: 'Better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt'. Mohammad Yousuf perhaps needs to be taught this in Urdu since he clearly does not understand the meaning of it currently. Lets have a closer look:

'Ricky Ponting erred by batting first.'
Captains worldwide do play mind games. But one has to be mindful of the fact that it doesn't come and hit you in your face. Too bad Mohammad Yousuf had to jump to conclusion without realizing his own fate. Aptly, Ricky Ponting replied after the match with: 'I wonder what was Yousuf thinking with all those defensive fields'.

Post Mortem of a Suicide Death

What happened at Sydney leaves everyone speechless. If you're a Pakistani fan, you'd be scratching your hair out in disbelief. And if you're an Australian fan, you'd be marveling at what can be termed one of the best come-from-behind victories in history.

So how to get started with the post mortem when you know it was a suicide. Clearly, as a neutral, you wouldn't call it an Australian win. Instead, Pakistan lost themselves. Their biggest opposition as has so often been said is themselves. And it proved so yet again. A handful of individuals excelled in leading the self-imposed opposition through sheer defiance of logic, extreme denial of talentlessness and a superior degree of stubbornness to stay firm despite obvious flaws.